Earthdawn Cheatsheet

Default Skills
Default Skill Att Description
Animal Handling WIL Get a domesticated animal to act
Avoid Blow DEX Avoid a close or ranged attack
Awareness PER Replaces Perception
Bribery CHA Bribe a target
Climbing DEX Climb vertical surfaces
Conversation CHA Talk to make people like you
Distract CHA Makes you a target; aid ally attack
Etiquette CHA Know how to behave appropriately
Flirting CHA Attract the attention of someone
Haggle CHA Get a better price
Melee Weapons DEX Make close attack
Missile Weapons DEX Attack at range with missile weapon
Research PER Find info through study/investigation
Resist Taunt WIL Resist attack against Social Defense
Seduction CHA Seduce another person
Slough Blame CHA Temporarily divert suspicion
Swimming STR Attempt to swim
Throwing Weapons DEX Attack with thrown weapon
Tracking PER Follow a trail
Unarmed Combat DEX Make an unarmed attack
Wilderness Survival PER Find food/water/shelter