Cave Troll, Cadaverous, Minor

Challenge: Circle 5

DEX: 5 Initiative: 4 Unconsciousness: 55
STR: 14 Physical Defense: 10 Death Rating: 65
TOU: 10 Mystic Defense: 10 Wound Threshold: 15
PER: 3 Social Defense: 5 Knockdown: 16
WILL: 7 Physical Armor: 6 Recovery Tests: 3
CHA: 2 Mystic Armor: 3
Movement: 12
Actions:2; CaveAxe: 12 (21)
Habitats: Mountain, Underground
Enhanced Sense [Sight]: Heat Sight
Rage: As the cadaver man power, Gamemaster's Guide, p. 470.
Fury (4)
Special Maneuvers:
Provoke (Opponent, Close Combat)
Enrage (Opponent): As the common maneuver, Gamemaster's Guide, p. 252. This will cause a cadaverous creature to Rage.
Misdirect (Opponent, Close Combat): The attacker may spend two additional successes against a cadaverous creature affected by the Rage power to direct the cadaverous creature at a specific target. This may not be used to direct the cadaverous creature against its allies. If there are multiple instances of this special maneuver or Provoke, only the most recent has any use.