The Earthdawn role-playing system is a fantasy table-top role-playing system set in a post-apocalyptic world ruined by magical monster. It boasts a strong and detailed setting (Barsaive) and provides coherent in-universe explanation for most of the tropes of D&D. The latest and best edition is 4th edition by FASA games

Reference Documents

  1. Player cheatsheet

External Links

Pandas Gaming Grove
A blog by Morgan Weeks, one of the main forces behind the 4th edition of Earthdawn. Lots of useful discussion, templates, lists, and new mechanics
The Second Step
The best program for generating characters and NPCs in the Earthdawn system. The complete downloadable version is only available for 2nd edition but the Steps project is creating a web application for editing and playing with character sheets in 4th edition
Traveling Wizard RPG
An Earthdawn blog
The Alexandrian
Not Earthdawn specific, but an extremely useful resource for GMs thinking about table-top role-playing games in general

Remnants of the Precursor

A faithful remake of the original Master of Orion